Thursday, January 18, 2018


Our weather forecast was for rain, and probably plenty of it.  I know a lot of holiday makers won't be happy for it to rain, but I want it to!

It will cool things down.  And the farmers will be happy!  Must not forget the farmers.  *smiles*

Yesterday was quite a bit cooler, cloudy all day... so almost bearable.

Today's mission is a slightly larger wall hanging.
I copied a small pattern of a donkey, and will be working on it today.

ABOVE:  It's a pattern I bought a while ago, but I wanted it to be bigger.  It's not a perfect copy, but that's fine by me. It's good enough.

It's going to take me ages to choose the colours for him!  So... once the morning jobs are done... I will be in the fabric room doing just that.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018


First of all, THANK YOU for your belated comments yesterday!  I was clearly in a bit of a funk... I don't usually sign off THAT early!

But, it was very nice to have your comments, it confirmed that you were 'out there' reading my drivel after all!  *smiles*

I actually felt quite ill late yesterday afternoon, I don't know why?  I had cooked roast pork for dinner, and couldn't even eat it.  Crackling too!


I've got a little list of things to do in town this morning, which will work in well as I'm meeting up with a couple of Fat Bottomed Girls for morning tea too.  

One of them, 'J', started walking in our group when she was only just pregnant, so her soon-to-be born baby has walked the entire Urban Challenge too!
I'm seeing her and another FBG friend at a local cafe for morning tea.  I'm looking forward to that.

Yesterday I said I would probably work on my display table for the market.  I had thought of putting thin wood on my stand to pin things onto, but I decided fabric would be so much better, cheaper and lighter weight:

ABOVE:  That is NOT the table I will be using btw.  I am going to try and find some cheap plastic boxes to put the mug rugs in, along the front of the display.  The mug rugs will be $6 each, or 4 for $20.  Think that's a fair price?  The wall hangings... well I've not come up with a price for them yet, but probably between $30-$40?

Right, I'm off to do another load of washing, then fluff around the house till it's time to go into town (Cambridge).


Oh yeah... I made this one last night:

ABOVE: Another photo taken at midnight... so not the best lighting.  I must remember to get more dowel today!  

12.51 pm:  Home from town, got all me bits 'n' bobs then met up with Robyn and Johanna for a lovely morning tea and chat.  So nice playing 'ladies'.  *smiles*

Since I got home I've been playing with the pups on the back lawn.

AND... oh so happy... DENIM can hear me whistle!  So,  once she realises it's actually ME calling her, I can train her!  So relieved.  I knew she wasn't totally deaf, but to know I can now get her attention is awesome.

She's totally confused and even frightened of the whistle at the moment, but she will learn and become used to the noise.

I might even try getting one of those dog whistles, that we can't hear... maybe she will hear that?  Then the whole neighbourhood won't have to listen to me whistling... cos I'm LOUD!  lol

I've been mopping the garage floor again... the part that was covered with a large carpet rug.  I've taken up the rug so the dogs can free range in there during the day.

There's always something to clean around here.

Lunchtime... might see how my dinner from last night re-heats!  Griffin and I were going to enjoy a club sandwich from Fran's Cafe, but then I remembered my dinner... so club sandwiches will have to be another day.

Fairly quiet afternoon, spent mucking around in the sewing room mostly.
I found some applique patterns I'd bought a year or two ago and so I've copied and upsized one of the animals to make into a wall hanging tomorrow.

I will show you tomorrow, for now... I need to get on with feeding the guys/me then relaxing for the evening.

The day is done.  I'm done.  Time for bed... it's 12.06 am, so a bit early for me but.. it's too late to be starting anything else, I've just spent the past hour tidying up all the fabrics that had crept into the sewing room... took them all back to the 'fabric' room.  I only want what I'm using right now to be in the sewing room.  Less clutter that way.

It's another day in the morning, plenty of time to start my next wall hanging then.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I wish I didn't wake up EVERY SINGLE DAY feeling like utter shit!

Seriously, I wake up and just feel ill.  It doesn't help that within minutes of waking up I get one of the worst hot flushes of the day... which make me want to throw up/die on the spot.

Damn bloody menopause!  It's now been 13 years of hell.

It looks like I am one of the most unfortunates, who never 'outgrows' menopausal hot flushes.  

But enough bitching.  I just have to grin and bear it for the first hour or two in the morning... till I feel more human and happy.

There's a few odd jobs on my schedule today, mostly mundane shit like washing, cleaning bla bla bla.

My pile of 'logs' in the lounge fireplace (fake fireplace!) need to be nailed together so they stay put, so that's on me list.

Once my jobs are done I shall probably make a start on another little wall hanging.  I want to have about 6 done for the market in February.

Eeeek!  I just booked my place at the market!  I am classed as a 'casual stall holder', so will have to take wherever they put me on the day.
It's going to be either fun, or utterly boring.  Time will tell!
February 11th if you are around... would love to see someone I know! lol

I will remind ya all before the day again. *smiles* 

I better get my table for the market sorted out too... work out how it will all fit and look.  Another odd job for today perhaps.

Right, I'm off to get some washing on...


Well it's taken me a good two hours to get my pile of logs nailed together !
And I also got me washing done.. it's inside as we are supposed to be getting rain at some stage.

Much easier to just put it inside and not worry about checking the sky all the time.

Now... it's almost midday and I'm off to have lunch and a sit down.

Nothing is happening today! No comments even... so I'm signing off for the day.

Yesterday I said what I enjoyed about blogging.  Today I will say this, when there's no comments all day you just feel suckful!  I don't blog to get comments of course, but they do make me feel like I at least have company during the day!

Monday, January 15, 2018


For ME, one of the best things about being a blogger is that it gives my day's purpose.

I can't just get up and do NOTHING.  I have to at least make an effort to do SOMETHING so I have something to put on my blog!

Yes, Seriously!  If I didn't blog, I would get up and just meander through my days, probably not getting any where near as much done as I do!

I love being able to put up my daily projects/accomplishments/and just have somewhere to blabber on about my day!

I plan ahead, like last night I HAD TO get the next wall hanging partly made, so I would have something to put on the blog this morning!

That's how I roll.

So, here's the one I will be working on today:

ABOVE: The colour shows up really horrible in the night light.  I will get a better photo later on today.
I think she's going to be gorgeous.

Today Griffin is off into town, (Cambridge) to meet up with his friends.  I need to go into town too, to pay the Rego for both cars, and then I'm going into Hamilton quickly for some more white fabric for the backings of the wall hangings, and some plain fabric for the reverse side.

I really don't have many plain fabrics at all!  Oh and I also need more dowel. 

Have I ever said what a damn fag it is not having a fabric shop here in Cambridge?  Well.. it is.  Really annoying.  *sigh*

So, that's what I shall be doing today... Shopping and sewing. Catch ya later...


Lunching with daughter Kelly... just bought this:

ABOVE: It's going to be a bit better than a plastic bag on wet walks I hope 😊

So I got my jobs done in town, and also had lunch with Kelly, then I did the grocery shopping and came home.

I asked Griffin to do ONE job before he went out today.  Sweep the kitchen floor.

He did just that...

ABOVE:  He put everything off the kitchen floor, then he swept all the mess onto the carpet.
And then he left!

Like... just left the mess there!  WHAT. WAS. THE. POINT?  I'm rather gobsmacked that he thought THAT was OK!

Just wait till he gets home is all I can say.

I've just got all the groceries out of the car and put away.  Tired now.  Might just put me feet up for a little while. 

So... Griffin arrived home and immediately, before I could even say a word... went and got the vacum and vacumed the floors!  He said he was sorry, he'd totally forgotten to finish the job!  No shit!

So I didn't give him a lecture after all!

It's been a hot and sweaty afternoon ... but thankfully it cooled down a bit in the evening.

I finished the little Rhino wall hanging:

ABOVE:  I knew she would be cute!  Time to stop for the evening.  I'm not starting another one tonight, I am taking a break.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Well, after finishing all the mug rugs last night, I sat down and watched me favourite TV programme, Coronation Street.

But nagging in the back of me head was this idea to start a wall hanging...


ABOVE:  By midnight I had found the patterns, chosen this one, sorted out the fabrics for it,  and cut it out.
Now I shall make some little hearts to go down the side (or somewhere) and then applique him on.  He's already stuck down with Steam A Seam.

What fun!

But before that, I am on a mission to empty all my kitchen cupboards that are holding FOOD, wipe them all down, then re-organise them.
It's been bugging me that I can't reach some foods that I use all the time, or have to bend down to get them... so time to sort it out.
It's long overdue!

I will get the guys to take everything out for me and put it on the bench and table, that way I can really get my head around where to put everything.  I bet I drive everyone mental trying to find shit again!  lol


Stew and I got up relatively early considering we didn't have to... but since getting up we have been on to it.... and after 3 hours our kitchen cupboards are cleaned out, re-organised and I'm happy.

 ABOVE:  Thanks for the tips Karen and Tracy.  I don't have any of the plastic and wire things... but I did have a box or two!  Now the potatoes and onions are in a box (on rollers), so accessing them is so easy now.

I also put all our herbs and spices in plastic boxes (Yellow and Green), so I can just pull out the box and find what I need ... so much easier!  And tidier too of course.

Right up the top I put a cane basket, which has all the sugars in (icing, brown, raw, caster etc) ...  stuff you don't need to get too often.

 ABOVE:  This used to be full of CHIPS and popcorn!  Now we are only going to be buying the odd packet of chips (the kids were eating a packet or two A DAY!).  No more.

Now it's for the biscuits, cereal bars, nuts, popcorn AND a few packets of chips.

And nice and high, so I'm not tempted to get into it.

ABOVE:  I'm now left with all these 'spare; Tupperware containers!  

They will find a home eventually.   This clean up also enabled me to re-arrange a few other kitchen cupboards too, so the kids will be putting shit away in the 'wrong' places for a while I suppose.  Hope they figure it out fast cos I've not spent hours tidying every cupboard up to have them mess 'em up again!

It's now 1.12 pm and I'm actually starving, so will take a break and have some left over scones for lunch.

THEN I will get back into the sewing room...

Well.. it's almost 7 pm and I just finished the Hippo:

ABOVE:  Annoying blurry photo!  But... you can see how it's come out.  I'm happy with it.
Believe it or not, what takes the longest time with these sort of project is ... choosing the friggin fabric to use for things like the bird and hearts!

But as I get back into the swing of making these it will get quicker I'm sure.

And that is all I have for the day.  I'm bloody melting!  It's so damn hot and humid, I break out in a sweat just sitting, god help me if I move!

We hope to have a really quiet evening.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


We are expecting Steve, Bex and the kids today.  They are coming down so Brylee can go back with them for a week long visit.

They should be here around lunchtime, so I have all morning to work on the mug rugs.

ABOVE:  This was my pile to trim and then turn in the right way last night.  I got about 100 done ... but by 1 am I was too tired to carry on, so went to bed.

I shall get back to them soon though.  If I do well... I should have most of them finished by the end of the day, or tomorrow at the latest.

THEN I can think about what next to make for the market.  Wondering about some little animal wall hangings, they would be fun to make.

ABOVE:  These are some wall hangings I've made in the past... wonder if they would sell if I made some?  Hmmmm.

So, one thing at a time I suppose, back to the mug rugs.  I'm really happy that I will have a good amount to be starting out with.  I haven't actually counted them all up yet... but it's more than 125!


Busy busy busy!  I finally got all the mug rugs trimmed and turned in the right way, then I had to steam press them all, ready for topstitching.

ABOVE:  All ready for topstitching ... which will happen later. I'm over them for now!

I made cheese scones for lunch, which turned out perfectly.

ABOVE:  My sticking drawers are finally getting fixed, only took 18 months!
Oh well, they are getting done now.

The previous owners of our home put really heavy jam jars in them and ruined the runners.

Oh we counted up all the mug rugs... there's 174!  So a good stock pile to be starting with.

Steve, Bex and the kids left after dinner, and I got on with top stitching the mug rugs.  I have finally finished all 174 of them, so now on to plotting my next project.

I've hauled out my patterns....  but for now it's Coronation Street time!

Friday, January 12, 2018


Soooooo..... today I am sewing again.  Back to making mug rugs.   I have just over 4 weeks until the February Trash 'n' Treasure Market here in Cambridge.

So I better pull finger, I want to get as much made as possible before then.

ABOVE:  After taking a little 'break' from the mug rugs, I planned on making ONE bunny.
Yeah, as per usual, I got carried away.  But, they are just so bloody cute.  Fingers crossed I can sell a few, it would be nice to make a few bucks from my sewing again.

I actually think one is already sold! A Fat Bottomed Girl (friend) has expressed an interest in getting one for her Granddaughter.  I am selling them for $25 if anyone is interested.  Does that seem an appropriate price?  I'm not sure.  

(They take about 2.5 hours to make, and the materials come to about $10.)  Opinions please.

The kids have a single job each today, so I'm not being too mean to them!

Our son Steve got home from work last night and decided (after my gardening effort at his home), to do some gardening himself.
Only his involved a saw:

ABOVE: This WAS an old crab apple tree.  It was 3/4's dead, so he pulled off and sawed off the dead branches, then... 

ABOVE:  He pushed on the only branch still seemingly growing, and it snapped off!  It was dead in the middle too... so the tree was doomed anyway.

It's going to give them more room for the kids to play!  He really ENJOYED himself by the sound of it!  In their previous rental there was NO YARD, or lawn, or trees to maintain at all.  So maybe it's a novelty right now ... *smiles*.

Did I tell you?  They are coming down this weekend to pick up Brylee.  She's going to spend a week up there with them... it will be lovely for her and Bex.  They get on really well, and Brylee enjoys being with the little kids too.

It's sad that our two teenagers have no other grandparents to visit/spend time with.  We are 'it' for them, and we are their parents instead of their grandparents.  So, it's neat that they can go and stay with Steve and Bex from time to time, now that they have the room.

I'm off to get the washing on, tidy up a bit, then sew ... sew ... sew. 


10.20 am:  Just had a lovely visit from my nephew from Palmerston North and his partner.  They are on their way up to Paihia for a week's holiday.  They are also celebrating his 40th birthday (tomorrow), with his sister and her husband, who are coming over from Australia.  I hope they have a wonderful time up there.

I dragged the kids out of bed to say 'Hi'... two puffy faced teenagers! lol

They can now do their one job before doing their own thing while I sew.

Well I got some sewing done, then faded after lunch, so had a small nap.  Why when you finally try to have a sleep ya phone goes?  

It's dreadfully hot and sticky this afternoon, we have huge thunderous clouds overhead.  Just had  claps of thunder. ... so expecting rain soon, which will be a welcome relief.

I've just caved in and turned the air con on... I've got a massive headache.

Got Spaghetti Bolognese cooking for dinner...

Dinner was lovely, I do Spag Bol rather well!
Spent the evening sewing, and it's now 1 am and I am reluctantly stopping for the night.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Well I really liked the pink rabbit I made yesterday... but after her I made this one:

ABOVE:  Wow, I REALLY love this one!  So cute, vibrant and just gorgeous.  I'm thinking, now that I have the ears sussed and they stand up, I might try making them longer, so more flops over the top?
Gimme time... lol!

Today Brylee and Griffin are in for a shock.  I'm making them do jobs all day!  They got away with doing NOTHING yesterday cos I got distracted...  but not today.   My list is made, and they are doing jobs.

Ha ha... forgot 'ONWARD'...

so, after I got up I decided I would clean out the garage, wash the garage floors etc.
I started that job at 8.30 am, and I finished it at 11.45!
I washed and washed and washed that bloody floor until it was CLEAN.  'Eat off the floor clean'!  

Griffin didn't believe me that it was THAT clean, and suggested I lick it.  So I did.  With complete confidence too, I know how to clean a floor! lol

I have no doubt the puppies will make it dirty again pretty quick, but at least they only get to dirty up a small area.

I gave Brylee and Griffin a list of three things each to do today, and so far so good!  Griffin's face was pretty thunderous when I told him what he had to do, but he got stuck in and has almost finished his list now!

I went to bed at 9 pm last night, which is UNHEARD OF!  Usually my 'bedtime' is between 11 pm and 1 am.  But I was just so tired.  I was worried I'd wake up at 4 am and be wide awake, but no.  I slept till 6.30.   I feel so much better for it too.

sitting here, feel like I've been rolling around in mud... so hot and sticky, add to that the dust from the garage.  Ikkk.  Off to have a shower before I settle down to make another little bunny I think.

Tomorrow I will be getting back to my mug rugs.

WOW what a quiet day!  I must be getting boring... *sad*

Oh well... I'm off... it's another day tomorrow.  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Right, I have a full morning planned today.

First up... get the two teenagers up at a reasonable time, and give them a list of jobs to be done by the end of the day.

I've pre-warned them that from now on they are to be up and ready for a few jobs most days by 10.30 am!

No more sleeping in till midday, then doing NOTHING all day except eat and play on their X Box's!

I am meeting up with a girlfriend from the Fat Bottomed Girls group for morning tea, that will be awesome.  Gwen has become quite a lovely friend.

After morning tea I will be rushing home to pick up the puppies, who are due for their third round of immunisations and micro chipping at midday.
I cringe at the thought of them being micro chipped, but it has to be done.  I know they don't really feel the pain as badly as we might, but still can't be pleasant.

I'm hoping the kids can come with me, so each can hold a pup in the car and carry it into the Vets for me.  Putting them in their travel cases, then having to carry them in and out of the  car is hard on my back.

I started another bunny toy late last night, I really only wanted to try out a new eye option, something safer than a button.

ABOVE:  That's what I bought the felt for yesterday.  I think the eyes look ok, what do you think?  I'm thinking you won't really be able to tell till it's assembled and finished.  And at 1 am last night I was too tired to carry on... it was another hour off completion.
I will get it done this afternoon.

For now though, I better get a move on... 


12.55 pm:   Well my 'date' for morning tea with Gwen was as expected, just lovely.  So nice to have a grown up, chick natter with a friend right here in Cambridge.  *smiles*  It make me so happy.

After that, I raced home to pick up pups and Brylee.

ABOVE:  Two terrified puppies, off to the Vet for immunisations and micro chipping!  Denim will be seeing an Animal Behaviour Specialist as she is deaf (we figured that out months ago), and also because she has some serious issues with being on a lead.  OH! ... and she sees and hunts GHOSTS.  Seriously cray cray dog!!!  Trust us to end up with a crazy deaf dog.

My 4th little bunny is almost finished... will show you soon...  even if you have no interest in seeing it!  lol

ABOVE:  She is finished, and I couldn't be happier with her.  I've finally ironed out all the issues with her ears, and ease of making.  Now I can churn a few out without worrying that it won't work.

*  I took the ear dots off, I decided they were a detail too many, and not necessary.  I stitched the ear flaps over with just a few tiny stitches instead.*

Denim:  The vet could see no signs of an ear infection, so said she was just born deaf, there is nothing we can do about it.  Pretty much figured that already.

Right, I'm going to bed super early today, I'm utterly knackered.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018


Well we are heading off fairly early this morning for Auckland.
It was going to be a visit and shopping trip, but Bex needs some urgent dental treatment, so I will be taking her to the dentist and getting her home again once she's been seen to.

Brylee and Griffin will be babysitting the little kids while we are out.

As that won't take all day, I am sure I will be able to get to my favourite shops while up there.  *smiles*

The little bunny I made yesterday was annoying me, his ears just would not sit right, so last night I made another one to see if I could adjust the ears.  Same result.  So I had to take the ears off and make them smaller so they would not flop so much.

ABOVE:  They actually stay up now, which is a relief.  Nothing make me madder than something that doesn't work! OH, and I stayed up late making a third one to see how long it would take from start to finish, now that I know what I'm doing!  2 hours exactly to make one.

And that's about all I have for now... I will try to update during the day... it's going to be lovely to see our Miss Muppet and the boys again.


Safely in Auckland.
Stopped in at Manukau Spotlight for some white felt for bunny ear dots. OMG that shop is immaculate compared to the dismal disarray in the Hamilton store!

ABOVE:Brylee entertaining the kids.

6.37 pm:  And we just got home safely after a lovely day in Auckland.

Bex's dental appointment went as expected, she threw up mid way through!  At least she warned them it would happen!  lol

She had made a delicious banana and chocolate chip cake, which we all managed to devour!

I got the gardening bug and decided to trim a few things in her garden, it made a huge difference! Very proud of my efforts.  I wish I'd thought to take before and after photos!  It made such a difference to one area of the garden, once I'd cut and pulled out all the creeping vines.

I managed to pop into Spotlight twice at the end of the day, last time on our way home.

That shop makes Hamilton look so drab and dreary:

ABOVE:  Love Spotlight, Manukau!  The people who work there are always so happy and smiley too.  

The drive home took about 30 minutes longer than normal due to rush hour traffic.  But it was OK, I expected that.

Home now, and we beat Stew home by 15 minutes, he works in Rotorua on a Tuesday.

Dinner will be sausages and I don't know, something quick and easy.  I'm a bit head achy after driving and the heat of the day.

Ikkk, feeling rather exhausted now.  I wanted to do quite a bit this evening in the sewing room , but have done NOTHING!  Too tired.
So on that note, I'm off to bed.