Sunday, July 23, 2017


The Fat Bottomed Girls : Urbane Challenge ... Our esteemed 'leader' Robyn suggested we all get matching T-shirts to wear.
With our Logo on it, and FBG across the bottom and on the arm, so we have all been trudging into the local Image Apparel shop to try on sizes and order them.

On Friday I went in and tried on one.  I ended up ordering TWO.  One to fit me NOW, and one three sizes SMALLER... FOR LATER.

That's called being positive I will be shrinking!
I can already feel and see a bit of a difference, so here's hoping in about 6 months the smaller one will fit me!

That would be so awesome.  

It's so MOTIVATIONAL TOO.  That, and the though of my boobs shrinking.  OMG I want that so much! I'm totally OVER humongous boobs!

They are NOT sexy, OR comfortable.  Who the hell likes having big boobs? Thankfully, from previous experience, I know they will shrink.  Can't.  Wait.

So yesterday we got Griffin's hair cut.  The stylist combed it into a different style to how he usually does it... and we love it!

But OMG, try taking a photo of that bloody kid!  He is IMPOSSIBLE:

ABOVE:  Seriously... so hard to get him to JUST SMILE!

ABOVE:  Eventually... a couple of nice ones.  He looks so grown up with his hair like this!

It's Sunday right?  Meh.  No plans for the day.
So, nothing else to yabber on about right now... catch ya later.

MIGHT move that shit stuff I was gunna move yesterday actually...


Shit... what a quiet day!  Actually, last couple of days have been quiet on here.
Maybe you peeps are sick of listening to me go on about walks?  
Oh well... too bad!

Stew and I have been incredibly lazy today.  Stew put the treadmill and exercycle back in the garage, then one of the big brown leather couches into the lounge, and that's all we've done!

I'm probably going to kill Stew soon though, I don't think I can watch/listen to friggin sport for a second longer!
And would ya look at that... he's changed the channel.  Clever man.

Then he got even cleverer... and went outside and did a couple of jobs.  

I've been plugged into headphones, listening to music on YouTube, while once Stew came back inside, he watched... more sport.

It's wind down time now... expecting a phone call from Lacy shortly ... no doubt to wish Keera a happy School Day tomorrow.

Blob out time... ha ha!  I've been blobbing out all day!

Saturday, July 22, 2017


So... I bit the bullet and made a hair appointment at the local Hair Salon I liked.
I am going to get my hair cut...  THIS MORNING, bright and early.

I talked to the hairdresser yesterday afternoon and we agreed on the length.  I shall show you what length we chose ... when I get home!
I'm not getting my colours done today, no time.

OMG!  I wonder if I will lose much weight with the hair cut shorter????   I can only dream LOL!

After my haircut, I'm off on the next walk, today is Section R.  It's got some shitty hills in it by the look of it... so another challenge.
But, I'm up for it.  If I can get up Albert Street hill, I can do more.

After this walk, I have two next week, then I will have to start repeating walks I've already done, just to keep up with my walking goal of no less that two a week.  Ideally I would like to do 3 a week though.

As we have had a few new members just lately, there will be plenty of 'catch up' walks on offer, so having some to go to won't be a problem.  Yaaa.

After my walk, I think we should be heading into town, Keera needs school shoes before Monday.

And that is all for now... laters!


3.22 pm:  Been busy!

HAIR:  We  had agreed on a '3'... but now looking at the comparisons, I can see it's closer to half way between 1 and 2 (though in the before photo my shoulders are slightly higher).  Oh well... as it's not exactly even, I will probably go back soon:

ABOVE:  3 things: 1. It needs a colour!  2. It was wet on top.  3. Might need a bit of work on the straightness!

I don't think I lost any weight worth noting.  Dammmit.

WALK:  was awesome, in the rain again.  But not torrential, which was good.
There were some nasty hills today, not enjoyable, but I did them.  No choice really, it was do them, or don't get the walk done and dusted.

Company today was lovely, as per usual.  So very cool having company as ya walk.

After our walk we stopped at Colombus Cafe in Mitre 10 and had a coffee/hot chocolate.

ABOVE:  I had a hot chocolate (that wasn't hot at all), and a morsel of caramel slice.  Was very nice.

After that I raced home to get ready to go into Hamilton with the family.

In Hamilton, we went to The Base and bought Keera school shoes, had lunch and then came home.

It's a miserable, dreary day out there.  Wet, cold and just WINTER-ISH.  Kinda to be expected eh?  *smiles*

I'm about to muck around in the house, move some shit...

And I didn't move a bloody thing!  I piked out and did bugger all for the rest of the day.  Tired. 5 walks this week... got sore feet!

Coronation Street is on... so a nice night in front of the telly.

Friday, July 21, 2017


Sometime today our new lounge suite is arriving.  I can't wait to see it, get it in position and hopefully, like it!

You never know how something is really going to look in your home, until it's there.

Things look totally different in a big, open shop eh?

I'm just hoping the new suite makes our family room look less cluttered and dark.  

I will, of course, show you once it's in position.

ABOVE: Stew looking ever so uncomfortable last night!  Lucky it was only one night like that.  My dining chair was bloody horrible after a couple of hours, so Griffin gave me his lovely purple-blue chair.

ABOVE:  The mop clearly needs a trim!  I can't remember the last time I actually got it cut... but I think it was in Auckland, before we moved.  WHOOPS!  It's certainly looking a bit ragged on the ends.

Time for a big chop ... I'm thinking of taking quite a bit off... how much do ya reckon I should take off?  I'm so tempted to go for '3'!  Bare minimum is '1' though, cos it really needs a good cut.

Right, I'm off to vacum the family room, get it ready for the new furniture.  Exciting!


Two whole hours EARLIER than expected... our lounge suite arrived:

ABOVE:  And we were SO LUCKY it wasn't pissing down with rain! 

And now for the 'Before and After' photos!... 

ABOVE:  Well?  What do ya think?
I have to say, it's a lot lighter in colour than I remember ordering, but I know it's right.
Coco is going to have to learn to sit ON THE FLOOR!

It's sublimely comfortable... well the single seats are, the double couch is small and quite firm.  But as I won't be sitting on it... *laughing*, not my problem!

It certainly lightens up the room, and they are so easy to move compared to the heavy leather suite.

I'm very happy.  I shall probably spend most of today just looking at it!  *smiles*

I might move the two seater to in front of the window... see how that looks... the recliners are quite tall and are blocking the window quite a bit.  

 ABOVE:  Sorted!  Looks much better like that. 
Keera has tried out a new recliner, but has opted for the floor.  She likes to be right in front of the TV.  

Right, I better get on with something constructive... like finding something to put on the back of that 2 seater or it will fade in the sun.

Well, I took the really lovely colourful throw from the lounge and put it on the back of the two seater, so that's sorted now.

Then we had lunch and I popped into town to do a couple of things.  

The afternoon is dragging and I don't really feel like doing much at all.  So I'm not.

Dinner tonight is going to be a 'silly bugger' one... so no prep involved.  Something out of a tin, some eggs, burger patties or something similar.  No hassle.

Getting cold again... you certainly notice once it gets dark!  Dinner was good... everyone like it.
Chicken steaks, Baked Beans and Spagetti, Hash Browns, Red Onions, Fried Eggs and cheese on top.  

Time to wind down for the evening with me blankie on.  Cos my feet are COLD!


Thursday, July 20, 2017

@!* SQUEALS *#!

So... did I mention about 3 months ago that we had ordered a new lounge suite?
I can't remember.

ANYWAY....   it's arriving TOMORROW.

I am super excited.  This will be the first lounge suite in many, many years that is NOT leather.  

We ordered 4 Lazy Boy chairs and 1 X two seater... in a mid tan colour.

I got this as I was really struggling to move the big brown, leather furniture.... and it made our family room look so much smaller.  The brown leather suite is very CHUNKY.

Because Steve and Bex's lounge suite is literally falling to bits, they are taking most of the brown suite off our hands.  

I have to laugh... we have 'passed on' over 3-4 lounge suites to our kids now!  Amanda got one, Russell has one, Lacy has had some, and now Steve.  *smiles*

Tonight Stew and Griffin are going to put the brown suite in the garage, until such time we can take it up to Auckland to the kids.

Bex is coming down today, she is 'returning' Keera to us.  She is only staying for lunch, then heading back to Auckland with the boys.

This will give Keera time to settle down again before Monday, when she STARTS SCHOOL as a proper school girl!  How exciting!

FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS URBAN CHALLENGE: There's been 3 new walks added ... Sections Q, R and S.
Tonight I am doing a section that I missed because I started after the group formed...Section K.
Once I have done that section, I will be right up to date with everyone else, with only the 3 new ones to do.

I will be knocking off Q & R by next Tuesday too.  That will only leave S for me.

The group's organiser is not adding any more new walks until after our Mid Challenge Get together on August the 6th.  That's going to be a lunch event... quite looking forward to that.

Well... I had quite a bit to yabber on about this morning!  All good! Time to get moving.  


ok... it's 4.04 pm and I just realised I've not updated ... WHOOPS.
So, I went into town this morning to find a lightweight rain jacket... found ONE that fits, but it's $100.  So I decided to think on it for a while.  I've got to know I will get plenty of wear out of it before spending that much.

Home, had some lunch then Bex and the kids arrived.

Fed the family and sat a yakked for a couple of hours.  Then it was time for Bex to leave with the boys.

SOMEONE wanted to go back with them... 

 ABOVE:  And NO!  It wasn't Keera!
Coco was keen as mustard to go with them... little tart!
Needless to say, she didn't go anywhere.

ABOVE:  Bye bye boys, see you in a couple of weeks when we go up with the old lounge suite for them.

I've spent the last little while making sure I'm ready for tonight's walk... it is supposed to be pissing down with rain... so I'm going to get wet, wet, wet.

Too bad.  I've walked in the rain on many occasions, it just means having a nice hot shower when ya get home eh?  *smiles*

Keera cracked up about 1/4 of an hour after Bex left, started crying and wanting her Aunty Bex.  *sigh*   She's happy again right now, watching the TV in the lounge.  It will take her a few days to adjust to being here again I'm sure, then we will be sweet again.

15 minutes before our walk was to start, our organiser was suggesting we cancel it, as we are in the middle of a storm!  But as we were already on our way to the meeting point, our group of girls decided to go ahead as did another group starting at the same point as us.

It was an awesome walk, albeit WET AND WINDY, but so what?  We got wet, and came home and got dry.  Simple!
Stew found a raincoat of Griffin's that fitted me, so I wore that.

But I got too hot ... so unzipped it and got sopping wet, I also took off the hat, so me head's wet too.  But I loved it!

I love storms.  I love walking in the rain.  LOVE IT!  I'm mad, and I don't care.

I'm certainly cooling down now though, so will be wrapping up in me electric throw now and enjoying the rest of the evening in comfort.

Well... not really comfort.  The lounge suite is now in the garage... so I'm sitting on a dining chair.  Not that comfy.  Stew is on a bean bag!  

And... that is all for today. Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Today's walk.... is one I have been dreading.  I still am!

It's got a very steep hill right at the start of it.

ABOVE: this is at the bottom of the hill.  It doesn't LOOK steep from here eh?

edit -  ABOVE: I took this photo this morning as we started the walk... a lady told me trucks had been known to 'die' on this hill! 

It is... REALLY STEEP.  But one consolation is that it's not too long, only 300 meters or so.
And it has this really solid retaining wall with big upright posts on the worst, steepest part, so if I need to, I can haul myself up by grabbing hold of the posts!

LOL.. it might not be a good look... but I don't care!  I'm going to conquer that friggin hill!

Once I've done the walk I will head home and make the teenagers get out of bed before midday!
I'm sure I can find something to do with the rest of the day, just not sure what yet.

So, until later... think of me crawling, dragging myself up a hill!  *smiles*


 ABOVE:  'Jumping for joy'... I DID IT!  I got up the bloody hill!  No one had to drag me or push me... I did it all on my own.

For the first half my butt and the back of my thighs were screaming, then the 2nd half my breathing was the problem.  I had to stop half way for a breather, but not for long, maybe 10 seconds, then my walking buddies egged me on and I got to the top elated!

It was not any where as bad as I thought it would be... so thrilled.  I feel like I could do it again!  
But maybe not in the next day or two.  lol

ABOVE:  I don't know who took this photo, but well... there I am walking this morning.  Yep, Fat Bottom.. but shrinking!

I've now lost 4 inches off my butt!  

Now I'm home and about to have a shower and so on.  The kids are up (shock!)...

DOGSTARS:  I don't know who decided on the group's name as there are NOT that many girls with really big, Fat Bottoms!  Mine is probably one of the biggest... so I am in no danger of being kicked out!  lol

*Fat Bottomed Girls, Urban Challenge* ... click on 'Fat Bottomed.... ' this is the link to the article in our local paper about The Fat bottomed Girls Urban Challenge.  I hope it works.  Front page AND page 5.

It's the end of the day... Watching a double episode of Master Chef... Sarah didn't win the immunity challenge.  Sad.

Signing off for the day.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Well... I got the polar fleece quilt out of the dryer last night and saw this:

 ABOVE:  Masses of threads all over the place!  OMG... It took me over an hour to snip them all off.  
But then I was left with this:

 ABOVE:   I think it's come out how it's supposed to?  I quite like it now!  

ABOVE:  This is the reverse side, pretty too.

Today I have a walk this morning at 9 am, and I am doing another one tonight too!
I check our Fat Bottomed Girls Facebook page several times a day, and saw that one of the walks I've missed is on tonight, so I have to go!

Who knows when it will come up again.  AND it's at a slow pace, perfect for my level of fitness right now.

All the walks have a pace stated, and I certainly prefer SLOW to MODERATE right now.    And luckily our organiser has now arranged more SLOW walks for us who are not as fit as the majority of walkers in the group. 

So, after this morning's walk I am taking my car down for it's Warrant of Fitness check up.  Fingers crossed it passes... I can't afford any big repairs right now!  

Then home to blob out for a while ... have to rest up for tonight's walk too!

Just musings,
nothing riveting.


10.40 am:  And another Section bites the dust.  We were a big group today, lots of ladies, a few kids and kids on bikes, and a few dogs too.
Lovely company.  Today's walk took exactly an hour. 
Tonight's should be similar, maybe slightly longer.

Right, off to see if my car passes it's Warrant of Fitness. Wish us luck. 🚙

After sitting in a queue for about an hour, I finally DIDN'T get a warrant of Fitness.
I needed a new tyre.  So I went and got one, then sat in the bloody queue for another half and hour waiting for the re-check.

Done and dusted, took all up, 2 hours.

Home.  Lunch.  Now?  I'm having a nap!  I'm tired and want to rest up before tonight's walk.

9.03 pm:  after a quiet afternoon, punctuated by a little lie down (no nap)... I headed out for my 2nd walk of the day.
Which was a good one... nice steady pace, we were done and dusted in just over an hour.
Nice company too... caught up with the lady who got me started in  this group, which was nice.  Also had a yak with a young mum who has a child in the class Keera has been visiting at school... so we will be catching up at school too.  *smiles*

So, so happy I'm getting out there and meeting other locals. 

Winding down, and cooling down.  Time to chill out for the rest of the evening.

Monday, July 17, 2017


After spending quite a bit of time in the sewing room in the past few days, I'm feeling really enthusiastic about getting back in there today and doing some work.

I kinda forgot how much I enjoy sewing, and making stuff.

ABOVE: The main sewing room's wardrobe... looking very organised and tidy. Love it! I know, I'm weird. This sort of thing makes me happy!

ABOVE: I finally got my stitches 'pages' on the wall too. Now I can refer to them when choosing a stitch to sew.

VERY handy. I did this so I could see at a glance the 'default' size and pattern of EVERY stitch my sewing machine does. It was such a good idea.

ABOVE: The revised UFO and Project wall. I've still got one stitch's 'page' to finish! Maybe I shall do that today?

I'm on the ball today, I got this out last night for dinner tonight:

ABOVE: Roast pork. This one has been in the freezer for a couple of months now, so time to cook it.

I'm sure there will be enough there for two night's dinners and some lunch sandwiches during the week too! It's HUGE!

My mouth is watering just looking at it.

Right, time to start the day... I will be ringing Stew a bit later to see how he's feeling today.

He had a very relaxed weekend, so hopefully that helped him recharge his batteries and recover from his cold/sore throat etc.


Now, before I forget, and it does happen!...

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY to our grandson Bodhi.
He lives with his mum and sisters in Australia.
Sadly, we virtually never hear from them, and the only photos we have are stolen off Russell's Facebook:

ABOVE:  I think this is a fairly recent one.
One day Russell hopes to move back to Australia so he's closer to these kids.  Then maybe we can be too.

I slept on the couch last night.  Talk about COMFORTABLE!  And quiet, let's not forget quiet.

It's still quiet here, the kids are, as per usual, still in bed.  Off to do the washing...

4.16 pm:  been busy today. I went and posted a couple of parcels to Australia, then home and got all the washing done.
Did some work on the polar fleece throw... in fact I finished it.
It is a bit smaller than I first intended, but I just wasn't enjoying doing it, so made it a cot quilt size.

It's now in the washing machine and after that, it's going in the dryer.  The seams are supposed to fluff up ... but we will see.  I'm not holding my breath it will work as I used polar fleece instead of flannel.

I rang Stew, he sounds only so-so... the computer work is straining his eyes, so he has a headache.  Oh well... not much he can do about it except take some panadol and grit his teeth.

I'm off to Weight Watches soon, looks like I will be having a gain of around a kilo... bummer.
All the walking is just making me hungrier!
So I eat.  BUT... I am getting fitter!
Swing and roundabouts on that one.
I'm not too fussed.

WW Result?  UP .800 grams.  Not surprised at all... but a bit annoyed as I haven't even been that 'bad', and have been walking, walking, walking!
Oh well ... another week ahead to do better.

I'm going to bed reasonably early tonight as I have a walk booked at 9 am.  Plowing through them, I'll be caught up soon!

Sunday, July 16, 2017


So tired!
Stew is still snoring like a trooper... keeping me awake half the night.

It's tempting to sleep in the lounge!   Maybe I will tonight.  I've not got a decent night's sleep in the past 5 nights or so.

Today we are probably going into Hamilton for something, I can't even remember what, my brain is so frazzled.  Tired.

I think it's something to do with Griffin?  Meh, dunno.

I can post the tablecloth and coasters to my Mum today too.

I'm looking forward to getting in my sewing room sometime today and getting out my polar fleece throw and doing some work on it.  It would be nice to get it finished BEFORE the end of winter!  lol

Well... that's all I have for now... catch ya later.


12.59 pm: And I've been sewing again all day.  The rest of the family slept in till varying times of the day.
Stew has now taken Brylee to her Drama practise at school (crazy they expect the kids to come in during the school holidays, or fail the course!), and then he's taking Griffin into Hamilton for a haircut and whatever else he wants to do.

It usually involves a trip to EB Games, and money spent.  Not always HIS money either.  That grates sometimes.  He still owes me for his last trip to EB Games.

Which makes me laugh cos 'his' pocket money is from us, for jobs he does once in a bloody blue moon.  Makes me crabby sometimes.  Today is one of those times.

So, I decided to work on a UFO this morning...

ABOVE:  I started these two placemats a good couple of years ago, but kinda lost interest in them.  They really didn't require much work to finish them off, so I did them today.
They are also for my Mum, so another thing I can add to her parcel.

Which will now be posted TOMORROW.  Geezzz, I'm an amazing procrastinator.  Now I know where some of my kids get it from I suppose.  *sigh*

I'm now going to head back into the sewing room, which is lovely and WARM with the sun streaming in... and find another project to work on.

***  Kelly is an 'extra' on some local TV programmes. She's been doing it for a couple of months, just the odd job here and there, nothing regular yet.  She's enjoying it, so that's the main thing. ***

10.10 pm:  I didn't sew a thing this afternoon as intended.  I went into the sewing room to choose my next project, and got sidetracked ... 

I ended up going through my entire box of UFO's and sorting them out.  I don't have as many as I thought, but a couple of them are quite big projects.
But at least now I have a good idea of what is there, and they now have their own boxes and shelves, so I can see them better.

I thought the sewing room and sewing wardrobe were tidy! Nah.  I spent a good 4 hours sorting it all out!

Then for some random reason I felt sick as a dog, felt like throwing up really bad.  So I had a lie down for an hour or so.  

I felt a lot better after that.  I even had dinner, that Stew cooked!  Just sausages and veges, but anything is nicer if you don't have to cook it yourself.

Time to sign off for the day.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Ummmm... We are all still in bed! 
Will do a proper post once I'm outta bed.

And that might be much later... cos it's too bloody cold to get up!

ABOVE: Look at that!  The sunshine is streaming in... it's a glorious, if freezing, day out there!

It's 10 am, I'm up and on the move... and no one else is.
Stew is in bed snoring his head off, has been for the past few nights.
Rather hard to get to sleep with him sounding like a train, but I do eventually.
He has a sore throat and cold, so he is still not that well.  

I really want to get the vacum out but dare not yet!  Griffin spilt a full glass of chocolate milkshake drink all over his floor at 11.30 ish last night, so I soaked it up and put carpet cleaner on it.  Now I need to vacum it... dum dee doooooo.

It's really hard to type with frozen fingers!  Might just put the heat pump on for a while.

Much as I hate the idea, we should go grocery shopping today at some point.  

Right now though, I'm actually going to cut out fabric for Mum's friggin tablecloth.  The sooner I start, the sooner it will be finished eh? 

ABOVE:  I've got this set ready to post off to Mum, will try and get that done today too.

Can you believe.... the kids got up around 1 pm, and Stew got up at 1.15 pm!  I can't remember the last time he stayed in bed that long!!!
He's feeling like shit obviously.

While everyone was sleeping, I got Mum's tablecloth DONE...

ABOVE:  I know she likes red... so I went with that.  I had planned on doing a more 'patchwork' type border, but decided to not detract from the pretty fabric Mum bought, so just made it fairly basic.  The lace is from a stash I inherited from my Mum's Mum (my Maternal Grandmother).  So, it's kinda special.

I'm very relieved it's actually DONE!  Now I can relax and do something of mine.

The grocery shopping... well that might have to wait till tomorrow, there is no way Stew feels like doing it, that's for sure.  I could go on my own... I'll think on that for now.

And I did do the grocery shopping.  Bad time to go I have found out.  The meat selection was dismal, the freezers were half empty.  It was just as busy as in the morning, when I usually do the shopping too.  So, lesson learnt. 

Dinner is cooking in the oven, Chicken steaks and home made garlic bread.  I'm making chicken/cheese/egg garlic bread burgers.  

Sounds yum yes?  *smiles*

After dinner, I am going to shoo Stew into the lounge to watch rugby while I watch some mindless TV in the family room.

And that's all for today!