Wednesday, September 20, 2017


When we moved into this house there was virtually NOTHING in the little garden strips by the front of the house.

The place looked NAKED.

So of course, I tarted it up with pots and so on.

Now, after being here for over a year, I know why they had no potted plants there.

They die.  They get no water, or very occasionally a tiny bit.

So yesterday afternoon I moved the plants out.  And just put non organics along the house edge instead... PHOTOS REMOVED TILL I RE-ASSESS THINGS.


All my blue pots (and plants) have been dotted around the front in other places.

 ABOVE: These ones are forming a bit of a screen for the bins.

 ABOVE:  This is going to be a lovely blue corner once the hydrangeas flower, they will be mostly blue ones.

ABOVE:  See that piece of driftwood on top of the letterbox?  I've had that bit of wood for about 20 years!  It just keeps tagging along when we move house.  I can't even remember where I got it from now, it's been so long ago.

Now... today?  Sewing.  Pure and simple.
I had wanted to go on a walk at 9.30 but my shins and Achilles are still sore after Monday's walk, so prudent I think to rest them some more.

A little hark back to something said yesterday in a comment I deleted:

PEPSI is my private blog... and yep, I say stuff on there that is not public.  It's exactly like talking to my girlfriends in private.  The fact that others don't know what's being said is EXACTLY the same as one of my kids having a bitch to one of their friends about ME, but I can't hear it,  or comment or defend myself.


What is said about me behind my back is none of my business, just as what I say on my PRIVATE BLOG to MY GIRLFRIENDS  is none of your business too.

So don't go bleating on about not being able to read PEPSI and DEFEND yourself.  It's none of your bloody business what I say on there... AND who says anyone needs to DEFEND themselves from what I am saying anyway?  Ya don't know what I say on there eh?  You are PRESUMING a lot I think.

Back to today...


Sooooooo.... I took on board what was said and have spent the last hour or so out the front AGAIN.

And this is the result:

ABOVE:  Less.

I will just have to remember to water the pots.
My biggest 'problem' with the front is that I dislike the front of the house immensely.
It's just so... not me.

I absolutely loved the street appeal of our Auckland and Palmerston North homes ... so am still coming to grips with this home.

Don't get me wrong, I love this home, in many ways it's perfect for us.  I just don't like it's frontage at all.

So, now that's done I shall move on to my sewing.

I went up to school to pick up Keera... and her teacher came out to speak to me.  Keera refused to eat her sandwich today... so I STUPIDLY said "What a little trollop".  Now I'm sitting here wondering if I'm going to be raked over the coals for calling my granddaughter a trollop!  Grrrr.
I really can't be trusted to open my mouth up at that school... really.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  Last one!  I brought around the biggest, heaviest pot we had... and I think it looks ok there.

LOL.... thanks for all the positive comments today... they helped me with juggling things out the front and gave me more ideas to think about.

Signing off for the day... dinner tonight was a chicken and bacon casserole, mashed spuds, mixed veges, cauliflower and broccoli.  Delicious!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


So yep, it's a bit early to be worrying about this, but I couldn't help myself.

I had planned to keep the new puppy in a penned off area in the garage when I needed to go out or just wanted 'time out' from her under me feet... BUT I just couldn't see me doing that.

It's COLD in the garage! I wouldn't be able to see her!  So I came up with a better idea:

ABOVE:  I shrunk down the dining table so I had an area over here:

ABOVE:  In this corner of the family/dining room!  Perfect.  She will still be inside the house, and right behind my lounge chair!
I will no doubt set up a mirror beside me,  so I can still see her when I'm in my chair too.

Yep, I'm that much of a clucky puppy owner!  I can't help myself.  So... I'm set up almost!  I can now just count down the days... 27 to be exact.  *smiles*

Today I have patchwork in Hamilton.  I will be going to Spotlight on my way to buy some blue polar fleece for the little boy puppy up in Auckland.  His name is Quincy.  I will also trace out his name in class today, ready to make his blanket this week.

After class I will be going to a rug place in Frankton (Hamilton suburb) to see if I can find a 2m X 2m piece of lino for the puppy corner of the family room.  It will be perfect for keeping the carpet clean.  If he doesn't have any, I will try a place out Te Rapa way.

Then I will be heading home again.  Probably be out till early afternoon.  So, catch ya later.


1.05 pm:   Just home from Hamilton.
Patchwork was neat today... I got the letters for Quincy's blanket done and ironed on the polar fleece:

ABOVE:  Now I have to applique' around the letters, add some details and so on.  I should have it finished in plenty of time to take it up in a fortnight.

Steve rang me first thing this morning to tell me not to go buying any lino!  He has a big piece that he can give me.  AWESOME!  That's a good saving for me.  And also meant I didn't have to do lots of driving around today looking for some.

Now it's lunch time for me... then I want to fluff around moving a few pots out the front of the house.

Funny how one's mind works.  I've been thinking and thinking about family lately.  How we never see some, and heaps of others.
And while I did make a big effort when we first moved down here, inviting people over for dinner and so on, I've now come to the realisation that the effort isn't reciprocated AT ALL.

It's like, if I don't invite them over, or arrange to meet in town, we never see them.
And I've now decided that's just fine ... I'm not going to be the one who makes all the effort, and is the 'host' for all the dinners/lunches.

I NEVER expected my parents to do all the visiting, we always went to them.  That's just how it was.

And now, that's how it's gunna be in my home and with my family too.

YOU want to see us, spend time with us, have your kids see us and spend time with us... YOU MAKE THE EFFORT to come here... and you can friggin well bring lunch/dinner with you!  (or invite US to your home!)

Steve and Bex do that.... just saying. 

We actually expect Steve and Bex to visit this weekend as they have plans down here (some party or something), so we will be babysitting the boys.

***EDIT:  AND I have to note it.... Lacy is trying to get down here in the school holidays to visit us too.  She insisted I tell you all, like right NOW!  She doesn't want anyone to think she doesn't want to visit us.  lol

So spent about an hour out the front, Brylee helped moved stuff around with me.
Almost forgot to pick up Keera.  Got up to the school with about 3 minutes spare.  Phew!

Next time... I will keep my phone NEARBY, so I hear the alarm.

And I think that will be all for today.
It should be a quiet night as per usual.

This is my 4,000th POST

Monday, September 18, 2017


Our visit to see the puppies yesterday went very well.
I got to cluck over them all... and also to decide which one was our Marley.

 ABOVE:  Marley is one of these two.

 ABOVE: Cuba and her five puppies.
All happily feeding.

ABOVE:  All of the puppies are adorable!  Even Stew had a cluck over them this time.

ABOVE:  I got a very short video of some of the pups too.

We spent a good hour and a half with the pups, then I showed the pup's owner how to prepare their food...  as from today they will start being offered puppy food.  The start of weaning.

Four weeks till they can leave home... and come home.  *smiles*

Today I am going for a walk at 10.30, PROVIDED the heavens don't open and piss down on us.  I pray it stays reasonably fine, cos this walk is the final one on the Leamington side for me.  

Time to start the day, I've only got to get Keera off to school today, the two teenagers are home on study leave all week.


So it's 9.45 am, the walk hasn't been cancelled (so far).  The weather is utter shit, rain on/off and cold as f*#k.
I'm not looking forward to this walk... it's a freakin' long one at 6.6 kms, and it has hills.
I hate hills.

But on the other hand, I also desperately want to get this one DONE ...  So, mixed feelings.

After the walk I'm going for a celebratory morning tea/lunch with a few of the girls.  IF we are not dripping wet and cold.

1.50 pm:  And the walk went ahead, even though it was raining.  So happy to report I've done Leamington!

ABOVE:  Some days I have a fat face, today is one of them!  Photo angles eh?  lol
Still got a long way to go with the weight, but slow and steady.
5 inches off the bust AND bum now!  I don't mind if it takes another year or two... as long as it keeps coming off.  *smiles*

Since this morning's walk I've not had much energy, in fact I've been feeling quite knackered.  Usually I feel quite 'pumped' after a walk.  Not today.

I got bloody shin splints again this morning... not excruciating but bad enough to make me have to stop a few times.  So, I think the starting pace might have been a bit fast for me?

Moving on... tonight's dinner is left overs.  There's enough stuff in the fridge to feed everyone, so no waste.  The family can choose something and bloody well eat it.

I'm not going to the Monday Weight Watchers meeting tonight.  I go for the social side of the meeting on Mondays, but I'm just feeling so tired I'm giving it a miss.

And that people, is about 'it' for today.  Going into Hamilton tomorrow for patchwork class, and will be getting some blue polar fleece to make a puppy blanket for the puppy owner's new little boy puppy. She saw the one I made for Marley and fell in love with it, so of course, wanted one for her little puppy!  Typical really, and I had half expected her to order one.  lol

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Off to see the babies again today.
Very exciting as they are now kinda walking... stumbling around pretty much I'm sure.

I will try and get a video of them ok.

We might even be able to narrow down our selection, though it might still be a bit early to see their personalities.

While we are visiting the puppies, Brylee, Griffin and Keera will be spending the afternoon with Steve, Bex and the boys.

So pretty much a repeat of a fortnight ago.
We will be having dinner with the kids before heading home.

So, that's pretty much it for now.  I will try to do an update during the day while we are out.


Well... safely in Auckland by 11 am. We had a wander around Sylvia Park then went to the kid's for lunch.

They had made us bacon n egg pie AND home made sausage rolls for lunch. Seriously delicious.

After lunch Stew and I went and visited the pups again.

I've taken photos and videos which I will share once we are home.

ABOVE: I wonder who this one is?  Just worked out how to upload a photo off my phone! (No, it's not Marley)

We finally got home around 8.15 pm... it was a horrible trip home too.
Torrential rain, so bad in places we could hardly see to drive. Quite Scary!
There was some lightening too.

ABOVE:  Our amazing lunch!  Bex and Steve did well.

 ABOVE:  Happy snaps, and the three kids eating dinner... which was pizza.

 ABOVE:  Cuba (mother dog) and little Harvey, who is going to a girl who used to work with Stew in Greenlane, Auckland.  They found out about the puppies from us, and swooped in and got a wee boy.

ABOVE:  This is MARLEY... she is the only puppy I have EVER seen who has a black dot on her chest!  Very easy for us to tell her from the other four.

And that is all for now... time to relax after that shit drive home.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


I got a little spoilt last night:

ABOVE:  She really enjoys having a go at different designs... last night I got flowers and dots.  Rather cute.

Today?  Well housework, washing and so on.
If it stays dry Stew will have to get out in the garden... the weeds are longer than the lawn right now!
At least the ground will be super soft, easy to pull freakin' weeds out of.

I might even help him!

And ruin me cute nails?  Hmmmm.

Looking forward to tomorrow... off to see puppy again!


 ABOVE:  The gorgeous flowers my friend Hillary gave me the other day.

 ABOVE:  This shrub about to burst into blue flowers... can't wait!  Seems to be taking forever.

 ABOVE:  The very last of our broccoli. Not sure what to put in the garden now.

ABOVE:  SPRING IS COMING!  No really... it is!
Hasn't been quite so cold the last couple of days... so there is hope in the air.


SO glad I'm not walking today!  We have TORRENTIAL rain with some hail mixed in.  And in 5 minutes the sun will be out again... and repeat.  All. Day. Long. 

It will be a matter of dodging the showers in the garden today for sure.

I just spent a couple of hours sorting through my 'stash' of clothes.  

I originally had FOUR piles of knickers.  
Sorted in sizes.   SUPER FAT.  FAT.  CHUBBY.  NORMAL.

MY BUTT IS NOW CHUBBY!  These are my definitions of MY BUTT... no one else's OK?  My 'normal' is around a size 14.  Right now my butt is fitting size 18 knickers.  I couldn't be happier.

I also went through all the clothes I had up in the wardrobe to 'shrink' into.  And decided to toss at least a third of them into a pile for Hospice shop.  Didn't like them anymore.

Now I have only two piles left.

They are sorted into -20 kilos, and -30 kilos.

Feeling very positive today, I am doing this!

ABOVE:  Keera keeping her Granddad company while he does the weeding.

I did some weeding with him too... but only for about an hour.  No lawns mown today, it's far too wet.  But at least the weeding is done!

It's the evening... Stew's firmly ensconced in the lounge watching rugby, and I'm in the family room watching 'my' programmes, concluding with Coronation Street before bed.

Have a lovely evening.

Friday, September 15, 2017


It took 2 and a half months, but I finally have a blister on one of my toes!
It happened yesterday after my first walk of the day. Quite novel really, and totally unexpected.

I hope I don't get any more.

I've now got no more walks booked till Monday.

Today I'm off into Hamilton for Weigh in at WW's, then home to do BUGGER ALL!
I still haven't tidied up the sewing room, so I shall do that this morning.

It is amazing how quickly it becomes a mess.

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook the other day, it made me laugh!  My stash is safe.

Brylee and Griffin are home on study leave, starting today, and extending through all of next week.
Brylee has an exam this morning, so it's still the normal school run for me.

School holidays start in another two weeks too, I'm actually looking forward to the break from the school run and so on.  

But for now... it's Friday... and I couldn't be happier.  As I said the other day, it's been a long week.


NORTH KOREA fired ANOTHER missile? WTF are they doing?  Do they want WW3?  Such a worry.

And I'm bothered by a bloody blister?  *shaking my head*

Just got on the scales at home... expect a 2 kg GAIN this week!  I know I've not been that good... but 2 kg ?  Fuck.
Let's blame the takeaways last night.  Oh and the Lemon Meringue Pie.  Grrrrrr.

And... yes, I did put on almost 2 kgs!  1.9 to be exact.  I'm NOT upset by that, I know why and I will do better next week.  Can't be de-railed by a little glitch can I?

My legs and feet hurt today, so lucky I'm taking a few days off walking.

ABOVE:  I had to check first....  *smiles*... but yeah... my Achilles tendons are a bit sore today.  Not super bad, just very aware of them hurting.  Not had that before.  

Moving on... almost time to pick up Keera then have an hour to relax before cooking dinner.
Which will be pork slices cooked in some sort of marinade, accompanied by veges.

3 pm:  came down with a killer headache, so once I'd picked up Keera I came home and went to bed for a couple of hours.

And so typical, I missed TWO visitors!  So sorry Sharon and Jacqui.... I would have loved to see you both.

I also got messages to help re-map the last section of Leamington's walks.  We had missed out two streets, so I've just done that.
And I get to walk it on Monday... and man it's a long one now!

Happy to say my Achilles feel much better this evening.  Watching mindless tv... Coronation Street soon... then bed.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


I didn't leave you totally ... there were a couple of photos!

The Lemon Meringue pie wasn't that nice... I doubled the amount of lemons and it was still too sweet.

Today I have a walk first thing this morning... as long as it's not pissing down with rain.  Everyone is totally over the rain, so if it's raining I'm going to cancel the walk.

I will be doing some sewing today as well.

ABOVE:  Done.  
My sewing room is a bit of a mess, so I shall be tidying that up first though, I can't work in a mess.

Then... I have ANOTHER walk early tonight!  I am trying to get the Leamington side done and dusted so I can relax and just choose walks that I want to go on.  If both walks go ahead today, I will only have one more to complete all of the walks posted so far.  

Then that will just leave one or two sections in St Kilda (East side) to go, they have not been plotted or posted yet.  Then the Urban Challenge will be over.

Goodness knows what happens after that.  Rural walks?  Tracks?  Who knows.  Everyone is hoping that the group does not just wind up.

Heard from Lacy recently.  Sounds like she's coming back to the Waikato, things ain't working out up north.  Her course didn't work out... not her fault though.  Circumstances beyond her control... call it her past catching up with her. 
Hopefully she sorts her shit out... cos we no longer can.  

This week is certainly dragging by soooooooo slow.  I'm feeling really flat and 'can't be bothered' ... it's an effort to act happy.  But... 'Fake it till ya make it' eh?  Things will pick up in the mood stakes, they usually do eventually.
No real reason for the blues... maybe it's just all the constant rain?  *sigh*


WHOOPS!  Bet ya THINK I'm still on a blog break!
I'm not.

When I got home from my walk, I quickly tidied up as I had a visitor coming out from Hamilton.

A very old friend who I'd not seen for many years... HILLARY.  We were like best buddies back when we lived in Hamilton 15 years ago.  But like it can happen, we had lost touch with each other.

So... she duly arrived and we kinda yakked for a few hours!  Even went down to the local coffee shop for lunch (well... drink and cake).

It was just lovely catching up with her, and I vow to keep in touch ... we are after all, only half an hour apart, she's in Hamilton.

 ABOVE:  Me and Hillary.   Yikes, no makeup except lippy!  Oh well, no one can accuse me of looking over done today! lol

ABOVE:  Hillary's hubby surprised her for her recent 'milestone' birthday with a lovely new MINI ... it's GORGEOUS!  Lucky tart.

SO Happy!  My 'new' sneakers arrived back this afternoon, just in time for me to wear them to my 2nd walk of the day.  
The walk started at 5.30 pm, a weird time but it worked ... it was a nice walk too.  Lots of lovely ladies for company.

AND THE BEST THING?   No shin splints on the evening walk!
The last three walks, in my old sneakers, I've gotten shin splints so bad.  So relieved the new shoes support my legs/feet properly.

ABOVE:  Today's walk photos.  

And that's it for today.
It started out with me feeling rather low, and ended on a high.
Thank you endorphins!  lol

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I'm not blogging today.
Have a nice day, enjoy yourselves, be kind.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


No walk today.  I'm off into Hamilton instead.

Got my patchwork class at Donna's Quilt Studio.  I shall be working on my puppy blanket, then Christmas bags.

After that .... *sigh*, it's grocery shopping.  

At least it won't be so busy on a Tuesday afternoon, as opposed to the weekend!  
I'm sure I can get around that supermarket in an hour and be home in time to have an hour to chill, before picking the kids up from school.

And they can help unpack and put away the groceries too. Yaaa.

I just hope it's not pissing down with rain when I come out of the supermarket!  Seriously, the weather has been utter shit lately!   So over it.

Shouldn't really complain when you think about everyone overseas who's been affected by the Hurricanes/earthquakes and so on!  Some serious natural disasters lately. 

Right, I better get moving... it's always so busy first thing in the morning.


Almost forgot, for LYNDA:

ABOVE:  Not as clear as I'd like, but you get the gist.

Feeling really BLAH ... no energy.  I hope I pick up by the time I get to patchwork, or I'm not going to be very good company.
Got my dog application in, and the lady behind the desk was very impressed with  my application?
Seems not many people  provide detailed pictures of the property, dog run, fence details etc?  Must be doing something right.
Fingers crossed I get approved.

The puppy blanket got finished, then I did a 'medium' grocery shop and got it all home and away before picking the kids up from school.

Slightly less rain today, thank goodness!

BUT, it's still bloody freezing!  It's like full on winter cold still.  NOT that I'm actually looking forward to summer of course... cos I can't stand the heat.  Can't win.

I'm thinking of taking a little blog break... probably won't blog tomorrow.  The interest is waning I think, so perhaps time to just pull back a bit.  Not much is going on around here nowdays, just everyday stuff.  

Dinner tonight is some really lovely looking Lamb Rissoles with garlic bread.  Not actually that healthy, but I am really, really tired.
Something is catching up with me I think.  Maybe a bit too much walking?

Whatever.  I'm outta here for the day.