Friday, November 24, 2017


Our poor wee puppies are feeling the heat something rotten.
Most afternoons now I squirt them with the hose to help cool them down.
They don't actually LIKE it much, but hey... it must help them feel cooler.

Next Wednesday they go back to the groomer for a FULL GROOM!
OMG they are going to look so different!

They will lose most of their dark colours and be much lighter.  *sob*
I am going to trim off Marley's black tummy patch before she goes, as a keep sake.  She will lose it at the groomers anyway.

ABOVE: They spend most of their days outside or here in the Family room.
It's the coolest place for them...  right by the open door and window... yet yesterday that corner was 28 degrees C!

Poor babies.  I'm going to buy them a paddle pool this weekend... I bet they will enjoy that!

Or not.  Ya just never know with dogs... who will love water and who won't.

So today is going to be fairly busy.

- Keera to school
- Aqua Fit at the pool
- Home, quick shower etc.
- To friend's to pick up free stuff!
- Into Hamilton for Weight Watchers meeting
- Home
- Pick up Keera

Dinner will be something quick and easy.  It always is on a Friday night.  I like to call it a 'Silly Bugger' dinner. *smiles*

And on that note... catch ya later!


Thursday, November 23, 2017


First up today:

ABOVE:  Aqua Fit at the pool!  So  looking forward to it!

I will get a chance to swim a few laps before the class starts at 9 am.  

Keera's teacher asked me yesterday if Keera was leaving today?  Seems Keera told her teacher she was off to live with Steve and Bex TODAY... clearly she has no idea of time!
She is really looking forward to moving in with them, which is neat to know.
We are doing the preparation work well obviously.  *smiles*

After Aqua Fit I'm coming home to do ???  Dunno!
Probably get the teenagers out of bed for a start!
Then maybe we can work on the housework LIST again.  We didn't get it all done yesterday!  Cos HOUSEWORK never ends eh?

Tonight is the last of the walks I've personally organised.  If it's a no go cos no one turns up, I certainly won't be organising any more.  I'm not setting myself up for disappointment again that's for sure!

I hope the girls who have committed to joining me do turn up though.  The start time is now 8 pm, so it will be much cooler... dark even, so we will need torches!  I am looking forward to it.

Right, I'm off to get Keera ready for school, get me togs and towel etc...


Aqua was good today, ran into a lady who goes to our local WW's meeting, so that was nice.
We had a few chuckles while doing our thing in the pool.
I did 3 laps of the pool after the class, with me snorkel and mask on... it was great!  I got really tired though, it's a bloody long pool.

Good cardio workout.

Got home and literally faded on the spot.  So it's been a quiet day since then.  Is on here too!
What's everyone up to?
Busy busy obviously.

Stinkin ' hot outside, hope it cools down considerably by 8 pm!

It's 'ONLY' 28 degrees C in my lounge... I'm melting.  Wish I could migrate every year over summer... to somewhere 15 degrees cooler!

The aqua fit photo made me want to throw up and die. Not becoming at all. How to lose weight? Eat less, move more. EASY PEASY.
Pat Randall, East Dulwich, London, UK

Seriously... you are NOT from London... you are from Cyprus. You keep leaving comments like this and think I don't KNOW you are using a fake name and location? You are just a bitch.

And guess what? NONE of your comments will ever get published again, I just wanted to let you know that I am fully aware of where you live. And that you are a nasty, vile person.

Tonight's walk went ahead with just 4 of us.  It was STILL bloody hot between 8-9 pm!  

ABOVE:  Me all hot and sweaty at 9 pm, and my walking companions tonight.

Time to wind down and cool down.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Today I have to visit the Diabetes nurse for my yearly review.
That's going to be a total waste of an hour for her.
I know exactly what's going on with me.

My Doctor has text me twice in the past few days.  First time to ask me to come in to discuss my latest results, which were BAD.

I declined.  Politely.  And told her I would pull my finger out and do better in the next three months... and to trust me to do it.

Yesterday she replied and said OK, and she was sure I could turn it around.

So, the ball is in my court to do it now.  Cos seriously, I really am fart arsing around.

My exercise is on point, but my eating?  Nah.  Far from it.

I just hate having to 'tow the line'... it doesn't come easy to have to do as you are told as an adult!  I have bugger all self control at the moment.

Emotional eating to the max.  I am really struggling with hot flushes right now, and they are getting me SO DOWN.

I just can't catch a break from them.

LYNDA:  to suggest I do the day walks is IMPOSSIBLE.  I overheat then feel like I'm going to pass out and/or vomit.  So NO, I will not be doing the day walks. 

Stew has offered to go walking with me late at night, so we might end up doing that. 

Tomorrow night I have a walk on at 8 pm.  I changed the time so it was later, so hopefully cooler.  So far there's about 4 of us going.  

Back to today... this morning I really want to get Keera to school then come home and get some serious housework done.
I might even drag Brylee and Griffin out of bed before 10 so they can help me!

Those two kids ... I just don't get how they can sleep in till lunchtime!  It's crazy!   

Oh before I forget!  At cards last night I WON again!

ABOVE:  The Winner's 'trophy' is mine for the next two weeks again!    Really is luck of the cards... but I will take it.  *smiles*


Floors done... big tick.
Now it might just be time to get the teenagers up... I've got a LIST ... *smiles*

OK... so it's now 3.25 pm and today has actually gone very well.
The kids and I got heaps of jobs done around the house, so I'm very happy about that.
Even though Griffin acted like I was pulling his teeth out without anesthetic!  He rallied and finally got a few things done for me.

Visit to the Diabetes nurse:  I fully expected some bad results overall... but ... BUT... the ONLY reading that was too high was the Hba1c!

Everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING, was PERFECT.  EXCELLENT in fact!

I could post all the numbers, but seriously, every single thing they test for came back either 'normal' or optimal!

Rather pleased with that.

And I can certainly work on getting my Hba1c number down ... I just have to be more careful with my diet. 

I am 100% sure my walking has kept my OVERALL health good!

I am not ignoring my Hba1c number Lynda and Sharon.  I have already said I will deal with it.  My kidney function, Liver function, Cholesterol levels, blood pressure, foot pulses and sensitivity and so on are all EXCELLENT.  I don't think I'm about to have a heart attack, renal failure, eyesight loss, amputations or anything else like that.  Thanks for your concern though.

We took the puppies outside on the lead again tonight... and again, Denim refused to walk!
Lots of positive words and I did get her to move forward a few times after a while.  But I think it's going to take a while with that girl!
Marley on the other hand is quite good.  That's a relief.

Lovely evening ... it's starting to cool down now (8.30 pm), thank goodness!  It's been another stinking hot day.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


After yesterday's walk cancellation, I'm feeling rather BLAH.
LET DOWN... disappointed.  There are a FEW social walks organised, but they are either at 5 am (fuck that!), or later on in the morning (too hot for me).  So if I want to walk now... I will have to go late at night.

I don't think I will even bother putting them up on the FBG page as EVENTS.  I doubt anyone will come... it's bound to be 'too late' for most of them.

I do have a walk organised for Thursday night at 7.15 pm.... same time as last night's walk.  I wonder if anyone will come?  

M O V I N G   O N....  Today I am going to Aqua Fit right after I drop Keera off at school.
The class is from 9-10, so I will get at least 20 minutes before hand to do a few laps of the pool.

I can't wait.  I love swimming, being in the water.  

After the Aqua Fit class, I should be going into Hamilton for the last patchwork class at Donna's ... but seriously?  I don't think I will bother.  I know I won't be missed, so why rush to get there for the last half of the class anyway.

For me, going to the Aqua Fit class is more important.

After swimming, I will come home, have a leisurely shower then do some housework ... then who knows.

Right NOW I'm in a real shitty mood, so hopefully when I get home from swimming I will be happier.


OMG the pool was gorgeous!  Crystal clear, 28 degrees (almost warm!) and the class was lovely.  There were about 20 of us in the pool doing our thing, so not too crowded.  It was so nice to be back in the water.  
The sun was shining, virtually no wind which was great, and I can't wait to go back.

I'm now actually pleasantly tired, you get a totally different work out in the pool!  My arms are sore!  Legs... just fine.  lol

So... it's coming up to lunchtime in 45 minutes, so I might just get something sorted ... I'm hungry!

5.25 pm:  It's been a very quiet afternoon.  I've felt sick as a dog actually.  100% sure it's down to the heat and bloody menopause.
I finally caved in and turned on the heatpump... on COLD.

And it's finally bearable in here.

I had a visitor mid afternoon.  She's a friend of a friend, and the mother of a FBG girl who lives opposite us.

She's getting a parcel (from me), delivered to my friend Frieda up in Coromandel, saves me postage.  Her family go up there often, so I must remember that!    Very handy.

ABOVE:  Our sky right now... shit I hope it pisses down!  I'm so over the heat already.

9.30 pm:  And I've had a very enjoyable Card evening with ladies from the Cambridge Connections group.

More on that tomorrow.

For now, it's time to say nite nite... off to do some tidying up and tv watching.

Monday, November 20, 2017


First up for the day, get Keera to school then go into Hamilton to talk to the AA guys.

There is an issue with the payout on my camera.  They ain't done their sums properly ... and no amount of trying to explain it over the phone works.  Grrrrr.  First time I've ever had trouble with the AA.  edit:  and I have to apologise to the AA... I had a THREE DAY BLONDE MOMENT... lying in bed last night and FINALLY, all the numbers added up in my stoopid head!  So... all is good, and my camera is being fixed.

After that, home to do some housework.

Tonight I have a walk organised... I think it's about 4.6 kms again.

Before that I have Weight Watchers, just going to the local group... social meeting for me.  I weigh in on a Friday still.  I decided not to change my day after all that!

Stew got the shade sail all finished last night:

 ABOVE:  Stew pulled the grasses/plants out that were in the gravel... so it's all tidy.
At some point before next winter we will put in pavers or concrete strips.

ABOVE:  It's a perfect fit for my car... hoping for a hot day so I can see how well it works to keep my car from getting boiling hot inside.

The colour of the sail is a perfect match to our house!  Thrilled with it.

Right, I'm off to get Miss Muppet ready for school, get some washing on, check on the puppies, who are outside playing, bla bla bla.


It is a glorious, sunshiny day out there!  So, a great test for the shade sail.

Now... off to do some housework.

ABOVE:  Just spent a bit of time printing out pictures of stuff I've made, and ideas for things to make in the future.  I then stuck them on my sewing room walls... filling up gaps.  Still got room for more... but that can wait till I've actually made more! lol

It is still a perfect summer's day out there, bodes ? for a fairly warm walk tonight I think.  I will be making my walks later on in the evening soon, so I don't overheat!

I'm happy to say the car stayed relatively cool under the shade sail... so that's a win!

WW tonight... sitting there and ... everyone going on my walk tonight cancelled.  In fact, the two definitely going had no intention of coming!  One was too tired and the other had forgotten she had put 'Going' on it.  The 'Maybes' all backed out too... so NO WALK.

I'm left feeling like... why did I bother?  So much for dozens of them saying they wanted to keep walking over summer.


I'm now eating dinner and watching TV.  Tomorrow Aqua Fit starts again... so I will do that until the FBG Challenge starts up again in 2018 I suppose.

And do a few walks in the late evenings on my own, or with Stew.

Crabby now.  Signing off for the day.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


No rest for the wicked today... Stew will be back out the front, putting up the fence and shade sail.

Yesterday he got all the posts in the ground for the fence, and the two bigger posts up for the shade sail.

Today ... all going well he will get it finished.

Meanwhile, I shall be moving all this ...

ABOVE:  All of this is going back in the 'old' sewing room.
And then I shall move Griffin back into a bedroom down the far end of the house.

He's NOT happy about moving, but having his room up by the front door wasn't working for me. And at the end of the day, I'm the one home all day long... so I'm the one who has to put up with the messy teenager's room ... in my face all the time.

And NO, I don't believe in closing doors to hide shit.  I hate closed doors.  I don't know why... I just do.

Scrolling through Facebook yesterday, and I saw this and just couldn't help but laugh: 

ABOVE:  Do YOU have my sense of humor?  I found it so funny, so did Stew.

ABOVE:  The front fence... moved back 5 meters.  With my car there, we have room for at least 5 cars on the driveway now.  HANDY.

Stew pruned back the third tree last night, I've not had a chance to see it yet.  So I will go look soon.  Maybe we don't have to chop it down after all?  I know Stew isn't keen on chopping it down.

And with that .... I'm off to get the day started.  Lots to do...


TIRED!  Been on the go all morning.
It took a few hours to get the teenager moved and all my sewing stuff in the front bedroom... but it's done:

ABOVE: Griffin even came out of his funk and helped me with the display/ideas wall.

I'm now taking time out for lunch and a relax, then will be helping watching Stew do the shade sail.  lol

Stew had been at it all day... and apart from some fine tuning (replacing the red straps with chain), the shade sail is up and the fence is finished.

ABOVE:  He's done an excellent job!  My car finally has shade over it.  And we didn't lose the third plum tree either.

It's been an excellent weekend.
Very, very quiet in blog land though!  Everyone must be busy with summertime/end of year stuff.

I can't believe how fast this year has gone!
It will be Christmas soon and I still have made no plans!

Signing off for the day... fairly early but never mind.  No one is around anyway.

Saturday, November 18, 2017



Browsing Facebook yesterday, saw this stunning succulent 'fountain'.... just had to share:


A NOT so secret garden

A stunning succulent fountain draped in fairy lights at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

Let's talk HEXIE'S!  The reason I have been making so many, like a crazy person, is because they will be my CLASS PROJECTS from now on.  I don't want to be lugging my big machine out and about any more.

It's too heavy.
I don't want to drop/knock or damage it.

So, in class I can just take my 'hexie' bag and sit and do hand stitching.

When I'm at home, I will work on bigger projects, and only do hexie's when I'm sitting in front of the TV, or yakking to friends and family.

With that in mind, I shall be working on finishing off my Christmas bags today and tomorrow, and hand stitching hexie's at night.

At some point we will go out and get a birthday cake for Griffin... cos I simply don't bake!  It's too bloody hot for a start.  

I took the puppies out last night for their first ever foray off the property.
For a start, they didn't even want to go out the front door!
And they had on collars and a lead each and OMG... there were freaking out!

It was to be expected, but I didn't expect them to be so petrified!

ABOVE:  After about 5 minutes Marley was happy walking around on the lead.
As for Denim?

Not happening AT ALL.  She refused to move forward at all.  I had to literally DRAG her along... and I couldn't give up because if I had, she would have 'won' and I would have lost the control.

And we all know, I must be in control!  Derrrr.... I mean, I have to be the dominant one over the dogs.  Top dog... yep, that's me.

ANON'S who feel the NEED  to comment on that... YA CAN'T!  I have comment moderation ON, so NO comment will be published before it has been approved by ME.  See... I do have the control!

My blog.  My way.  My rules. 


 ABOVE:  Coco having to share her Dad's lap.  Don't think she's that thrilled with the idea.

ABOVE:  The Tamahere Market today was PACKED!  So many people, and parking was all up the road, in the surrounding paddocks and just everywhere.  Never seen it that busy.

ABOVE:   A little treat for her on the way home.

We went to the supermarket and got a cake for Griffin... then home for lunch.

After that we went to Mitre 10 and got supplies to put the front fence up again, and the shade sail.

Saw 'free firewood' on the side of the road (builders scraps) so grabbed some for kindling for the brazier.  SCORE.

Now on with the day!

I'm moving stuff... but done for the day.

Griffin is having venison burgers for his birthday dinner, and chocolate cake.  I hope he likes it.  He's a bit crabby right now as I'm moving him out of the front bedroom.
It's not working for me at all.

The first thing visitors see/smell when they enter the house is ... TEENAGE BOY.
He has been getting better with keeping his room tidy, but it's still not how I want it.

So, he's going down the hallway to another room, and the front bedroom is becoming my sewing room again!   I drive myself crazy moving rooms around all the time, but seriously, it can take ages to get things right in a new home.  Right?  And when you have many options, it's even worse!

Stew is making good headway on the front fence and shade sail installation.  It might even be all done by tomorrow night.

Well... a productive day.  And more of the same tomorrow.

Watching Coronation Street ... so will sign off for the day.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Yesterday Julie asked me if I could show her what I do with the cards?  
So ... here's what I do:

ABOVE:  A very rough 'tutorial' on how to get the fabric onto the card... the glue way.
You can baste stitch the fabric on too, but that takes way more time!
Stuff that.

I kept expecting to hear from the school last night, asking me to come and get Keera!
I was so sure she would freak out at bedtime and not want to stay.

But, no phone call... so she must be just fine.
It's weird knowing I don't have to get up and take her to school today... cos she's already there!  *laughing*

I'm going back into Hamilton today, got WW's, then I need to do a little 'birthday' shopping for a certain young man who's turning 16 tomorrow!

SIXTEEN!  OMG where did my chubby bubby go?  Griffin has grown up far too fast. *sniff*
He's all smelly, sweaty teenage boy now... and like... 6 foot 1 inch at least.

ABOVE: Yesterday for LUNCH he ate... get this... FOUR PIES! (I didn't know he ate 4 pies till later). And about an hour later he wanted to eat an entire large packet of potato chips!  I wouldn't let him.  

I know you must be getting sick to death of hexie photos by now... but late last night (12.30 ish to be exact), I laid some out on the kitchen bench, and this will be my first Table runner:

ABOVE:  I will add 'borders' of solid colour around the outside, not sure what colour to use yet, but it could be any colour obviously.

The best thing about taking photos like this is you can see any 'mistakes'... and I can already see one.  CAN YOU?

I will leave that one up in the air, let's see who can find it.

Now... I am going to get some washing on and tidy up... then go to town.


Dammit, now I can see two mistakes.

TO A TROLL NAMED PRUDENCE:  Clearly you were not WORKING today... spending hours reading my blog then leaving shitty comments... how productive. Guess what?  I know exactly where you work too!  Shouldn't use ya work computer chick. ( XXX XXXXXXX County Office of Education)

Moving on.  I went to my WW meeting and recorded a GAIN of .400.  Tis only a piddle, so I'm not to bothered.  

Keera had a blast at camp, but came home really tired and tearful.  So she had a nap for two hours after her afternoon tea.

Still tired when she woke up... so we didn't let her stay up too late tonight.

It's a quiet evening here, been sorting a few details out for next month... Christmas and so on.

Time to wind the day up.   

COMMENT MODERATION IS NOW ON.  I'm sick of TROLLS and HATERS comments getting through when I'm not vigilant enough.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Finally, a day that's not too busy.

First up... Keera to school.

Then I'm going into Hamilton to get some groceries.  Sadly, it's kinda essential I do, cos we be running out of lots of stuff.  Like spaghetti.  And OMG, some people in this house LIVE on spaghetti!

You'd think their throats were cut with none in the house.  And pies.  Griffin has a pie for lunch every day... and we ran out of them ages ago.

At least when I get it all home the big kids can help put it all away.

While in Hamilton I will be going to Spotlight for more hexie cards.  I only got 300 on the weekend, and I need more!

Tonight Keera is having a 'camp' at her school.  Her age group are having a 'sleep over' in their classrooms.  They will be having dinner at school, evening activities and so on.  Then on Friday they will be fed at school, have special activities again during the day,  before being picked up at 3 pm, as per usual.

I hope she has an amazing time! 

I am attending a Scentsy party at a FBG girl's home tonight too.  I love the stuff.  I have a burner on in the garage every day, it masks the smell of dogs!

I want another burner for the family room... the smell of the wax melts is just so lovely.  Far and above better than incense or an oil burner.

So, looking forward to my day.


Well it's been one BUSY DAY after all!

I dropped Keera off at school, and on my way home I realised that I was driving MY CAR.... when I should have been driving Stew's car!

Cos MY car was supposed to be taken into Hamilton by Stew, and dropped off at the garage to get it's new brake pads.

So, I took it in and switched cars with him.

Then I went to Spotlight for more hexie cards, but they only had ONE lot left.
So I got them, then went out to Grandmother's Garden at Gordonton and got more.

The difference between the two places?

100 cards for $7.99 at Spotlight.
75 cards for $9 at Grandmother's Garden.

Hmmmm... won't be getting them at GG's again that's for sure!

ABOVE: I did get a thread holder from GG's though, cos it was cool!

After that I did the grocery shopping... and came home.  The kids carried it all in for me and we all put it away.  Quite a mission as I did a BIG shop.

After that I had a conversation with our insurance company and the Camera shop about my camera.  They are REPAIRING it!

It better work properly once I get it back!  

After that it was pick up Keera time, then pack her bags/sleeping stuff for tonight's sleep over at school.

I've not even had time to have lunch yet!  (it's now 3.40 pm)

NOW I have to make a plate for tonight's Scentsy party, and sort out dinner too.  

And I thought it was going to be a quiet day!  pffffft!

Well the Scentsy party was lovely, I got another warmer and some more wax melts too.
I got home around 10, and have spent the next 3 hours mucking around with Hexie's!

It's time for bed!